Privacy Policy

Photo Uploads Are Public!

ColourMatch is a tool which lets you search 500px's photo library either with a single colour, or the colours extracted from a photo you choose to upload. The photos you upload are not private. You don't want to be the next Jennifer Lawrence. They may be displayed on the front page as a suggested search image for other users. For the sake of your own privacy, don't use any photos that you wouldn't feel comfortable putting on your Christmas card.

(Also, please be considerate to others! Don't use any photos which feature violence, nudity, narcotics, or Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger's face. He scares me.)

Big Brother Is Watching You

Like most sites on the internet, ColourMatch uses Google Analytics for tracking metrics. Google's javascript places two small, bite-sized cookies on your computer. You can read more about them here. Additionally, ColourMatch stores a small identifying cookie to keep track of your session.

Help! I fucked up!

This is the internet. There is no undo button once you release something into the series of tubes! However, I'm happy to do what I can to mitigate any potential disasters. Contact me via twitter or email and I'll happily delete any photos or data you'd like me to.